Saturday, December 11, 2010


I have returned to my abandoned blog. Just read my last few posts... and they are quite depressing. But depressed is exactly what I was for awhile there. I have been feeling much livelier in recent times. Still seeing you know who...but the sick attachment is gone and, if it ended tomorrow, I'd be ok. It's just a bad habit like smoking nowadays. You can still be a smoker and have a happy productive life right? Well, you have to quite at some point, and yes, I will do that.

The things that have been making up the pieces of my life as of late: Braving the cold (in a very warm , new parka and winter gear) to continue using public transit (and loving it), taking attendance at my job a little more seriously, slowly chizzling away at my financial problems, battling over the thermostat with my roommate, getting along with my parents, and forming some semblance of long term goals (i.e. attending UMSL by next fall, doing TESOL, moving abroad?).

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