Sunday, February 7, 2010

Maybe its seasonal

Sometimes I feel like life is so wonderful and beautiful and full of possibilities. And sometimes I feel like mine is so ruined and I'm so far from getting to where I once thought I could be, that settling for less is not even worth it.

I guess a lot of people feel that way.

It seems funny that it's such a struggle to stay positive. I really try though, I do.

I love the friends I have - Christina, Simone, Mandi (and others, though I'm not as close to them anymore)

I love my family.

I love Jesse (so much it scares me and makes me want to run, but that's another story...)

I am really starting to like my new job. The possibilities it offers excite me!

I love that spring and summer are only a couple months away. For me, the new year and the beginning of spring always bring a sense of hopefulness, happiness, and excitement.

Here are a few things I want to get started:

-Eating healthier and exercising every day.

-Taking better care of Mikey - more attention, more grooming, more exercise for him!

-Keeping my room clean!!

-Maintaining my relationships with those I care about! Letting my actions reflect that I really do care...

-Unleashing my creative side more often!

-Taking better care of my appearance, style, makeup, skin etc! Even if I can't be super skinny right away, I can still be hot in other ways!!

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