Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Morning


I turned him down. This is a first. I feel strong.

Got up, did the above, and went for a walk with my roommate. We were trying to find this garage sale that was advertised around the neighborhood where everything is free. (Wouldn't really be called a sale... a Garage Give-Away?). However, we were too late and all that was left were some tin cans and plastic bags.
I walked with her to the Farmer's Market, also. I have no money though (as has been the case for weeks, sadly). So I didn't buy anything, but enjoyed the atmosphere.

Last night:

Simone picked me up from work in her white Jag (borrowed from her sugardaddy/ supposed boyfriend, Dennis). We had some delicious sushi at Cafe Mochi, and the world's best cocktails at Absolutli Goosed. We discussed men and sex... and opening our own herbal pharmacy someday (funded by Dennis, of course).

The rest of today shall be good, I feel it!

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