Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Heavy News

I found out today that my grandma, who went in the hospital for minor chest pains, will need a triple bypass surgery soon.
Not even mentioning the obvious reason why this is upsetting, it has a lot of implications for our family -- like the fact that my grandpa might have to live with us (and this would be a very very unhealthy thing for all parties involved), and that my Dad's siblings are not around (i.e. in Texas and Indiana) when these things happen and all the responsibility falls on our family.

I have a lot of mixed emotions too -- like the conflict I had with my grandparents two Christmases ago, and how things feel only semi-resolved. How I've always told myself to spend more time with my grandma ever since Grandma Gallaher died... yet I never really have taken the time to do so.

I think these past few months have just shown me how important it really is to take the time to appreciate those around you that you might take for granted, especially family. Before you know it, they could be gone.

On a lighter note... this made me happy today:

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