Monday, February 9, 2009

I Don't Hold My Breath Anymore, I'll Just Turn Blue

Quote of the night from one of the therapists at work:

Me: Have a good night!
Denise: I'll try to, but I don't hold my breath anymore--I'll just turn blue.

Today was a bad day. My conclusions on the day are that I am an idiot. Truly an idiot. I feel like I am like Jekyll & Hyde sometimes. My Jekyll side is lazy, crazy, and rebellious, and does really irresponsible things. Then Hyde just has to always go back and fix everything that Jekyll messes up. Its a very exhausting, frustrating, and depressing process.
And um, I'm not actually that crazy, but in a way thats how I operate.

Mandi told me about some friends of hers that are a married couple. Their dream is life is to travel and thats what they do. Every few years they pick up and move to somewhere else in the world, they just find simple jobs and get an apartment and enjoy the city. They've lived in Toronto, Melbourne, and other cities.
I think that is what I want to do. Now I've just got to find somebody to do it with me!


  1. jekyll was a scientist, and hyde was his monstrous alter-ego. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

    don't feel bad. this is less awkward than this exchange today in class:

    girl behind me: i didn't have to work out saturday b/c i threw up everything i ate on friday! lol!
    me: *rolls eyes*
    girl behind me: and i told (name) and they were like, you're not going all anorexic on me are you??
    me: bulimic people throw everything up. anorexic people just don't eat.
    girl: yeah i know. i was just joking about it with my boyfriend.
    me: well now you can joke more accurately.
    girl: ...

    yeah. sometimes i'm awkward...

  2. w/e about Jekyll & Hyde.

    And, um, yeah that is a REALLY awkward convo...did you direct this person to a psychoanalyst??