Sunday, February 1, 2009

Salsa & Sushi

Things I learned tonight:

-Salsa dancing is not fun when you don't have a partner and everyone else does. (Sort of like life.)

-Octopus Sashimi is the most delicious thing ever.

-You can never tell who is on drugs around you(or I can't atleast), it's probably the person you'd least expect.

-I'm still decent at salsa dancing (and other varieties of latin dancing).

-Peep toe shoes + icy snowy slush don't mix well.

-I still really need to lose weight.

-Hanging out with the girlfriends of the guys you have a crush on helps you not have a crush on them anymore!

- When it comes down to it, I much prefer art galleries and hookah to clubbing and drinking. (I guess thats not news though.)

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