Friday, January 23, 2009

Basically My New BFF

Do you ever get the feeling that there are some people you are just meant to meet? I'm pretty sure I met one of these people recently. There's this girl Sarah who is in German with me, and Creative Strategies, and is also a new transfer art history major. After a couple of conversations walking between classes, it turns out we have an eerie amount of things in common. Obviously we both love art, both of our favorite movie is Cool Hand Luke, we both love gin (which not a lot of people do!), we both frequent the same hookah bar (which is sort of a hole in the wall place that no one usually has heard of) and know the owner there, and we both love the Irish tv show Father Ted (seriously, almost no one in America has heard of that!). It's just a lot of random things to have in common!
You just don't meet somebody that similar to you everyday.

We are going to Petra (the hookah bar) together next fri. after going to whatever openings are happening that night. Looking forward to it!

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