Sunday, January 11, 2009

Globes of Gold

I'm not usually one to go on and on about celebrities... but just watched the Golden Globes, and here are some folks who caught my eye...

So, call me crazy but Borat is hot when he cleans up!
Redhead from Madmen.. I just think she is beautiful, wish I had her hair!

Freida is gorgeous, and Dev is adorable

Love her earrings

Drew looks great! Love her look.

Isn't she glowing? I think she is so beautiful!

Love the deco style of the dress

(Just want to make out with him)

A few more thoughts about the Globes...

Colin Farrell is devestatingly adorable, facial expressions and accent especially. (He reminds me a little of my friend Stevie...)

Slumdog Millionaire deserved every award it got...and Dev Patel was even more handsome all dressed up in a suit and tie.

I adored the looks of Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, the redhead from Madmen, and more (see above photos...)

Loved all the accents heard... Scottish, Australian, Irish, English, Indian, Israeli [I think listening to different kinds of accents is one of my favorite things ever, in any situation or time]

I think I love Sally Hawkins even more after she could barely even eek out a speech through all her emotion! Her award was much deserved!

So excited Anna Paquin got Best Actress for True Blood! Christina got me into this show, and I watched every episode (via over break. I highly recommend it.

Ok, I think thats all the gushing I have to do.
Back to school tomorrow!!! I feel at once thrilled and scared to death about this. But I'm trying not to make a big deal out of it for myself, just want to learn and have an enjoyable semester.

I was going to also write about things that were on my mind earlier today, but I really don't feel like it now. Maybe I will expand on this tomorrow... but for now positive thoughts, going to bed early, and hoping for a great first day back tomorrow!

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