Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hello World

It's 2009. I've decided to start a blog and here it is. I'm not giving the URL out to anyone I know, I don't want to have to water down and censor what I post.

I'm not really sure what direction this will take - a record of my progress on achieving certain things, a place to post art/music/articles I find interesting, or more of a diary of thoughts I need to express. Probably a combination of all of these. And evidence of me trying to sound really really intelligent, witty, and cultured. :)

Today was spent sleeping in, wearing my pajamas all day, watching TV, and surfing the net -- really a productive day, all in all. Hey- I guess I started this atleast.

And I made a to-do list for the rest of the week:

-Organize clothes & earrings

-Buy a planner and get things ready for school on Monday

-Paint nails/toes

-Create a work-out/being-more-healthy plan (one of my resolutions for '09)

-Go to Cherokee Street to do some vintage shopping (been wanting to do this forever!)

Christina and Amanda just called and I guess we are doing our Christmas dinner tonight which didn't happen before Christmas! I want Mexican, Christina wants Greek, and Amanda wants Applebee's... sigh. I got them each some funky nail polish for Christmas -- hope they like 'em!

So I guess I'm off to put on something other than my pajamas and compromise on my dinner! Adios.

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