Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Positive Thinking

It is my instinct to go to bed with a lot of stress/anxiety for not having finished (or probably even started) my work for the day. I've literally had the feeling almost every school night for atleast two years.
And I feel like I should be experiencing that now, but everything is done, and before 10:30pm to boot. (I actually hate the phrase 'to boot,' but I just used it anyway).
Around the time i was graduating high school and starting college, I always had the belief that I was gonna turn out to be something really great and unique. Well, for the last couple years I had really stopped believing that. But today, for the first time in a long time, I had that thought again.
Maybe that's beginning-of-semester optimism speaking, but I'm gonna go with it. I don't want to sell myself short. I need practice in time management and organization still, yes, but I truly feel like my attitude and outlook has changed a lot in the last few months. Mostly due to counseling with Emily, I believe. And that change in attitude, and understanding of myself is what is making, and will continue to make, all the difference.

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