Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Numero Dos

[I think Post #2 is important because that means I am continuing this blog, right? I don't have a successful track record with keeping up a blog... so I'm pulling for this one. ]

Dinner was lovely this evening...Amanda and Christina called me before I had even had a chance to change and told me they were outside my house and we were going to The Hill! So Italian it was! We split a bottle of Spanish Cabernet, and I had lasagna! We went back to Amanda's to watch movies, eat some chocolates, and snuggle with her dog Charlie. Christina took me home and it was nice not to have to drive myself home. Lately my drives home (usually 20-minute ones from the city) leave me alone with sad thoughts.

So, now its off to bed (it's 2:30 am for goodness sake!).

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