Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hear What I Say, Girls Keep Away

So I've made an observation lately about the name Bill. It seems to be quite present all around me -- 1) My favorite boyfriend was a Bill, 2) Mine and Ciaran's relationship went downhill due to the girlfriend of a Bill, 3) I have a TV crush on Bill the vampire from True Blood, 4) I can't stop cracking up in German class when a 47 year old Indian man who's name is Ashish reminds the teacher he goes by Bill, and 5) A nice man named Bill helped me at Kinko's this morning.
Hmm a very interesting theme... what does it all mean???

In other news..I can now answer why Ciaran wants to be my friend so badly (as questioned a few posts ago). His girlfriend broke up with him! ha.
He called me to inform me of this while he was at the pub "gettin' shteamed" at 6pm (his time). I feel no sympathy. Maybe I'm a bitch, but whatevs. He's also been bringing up this plan he has to come back over next summer...which is, um, awkward and weird. Sure, it'd be nice to him see, but really, it'd be weird. Not to mention he says he wants to move over permanently after graduation.
Good thing I'm moving to Ireland.

I got my first art project done. (I may post a picture of it soon.) I made it to Kinko's at 8am to get it printed out in color on cardstock before class. And I think it was a hit.

Now I have large amounts of reading to do before my Italian Ren class at 5:30.

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