Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good Times Never Seemed So Good

So I just had the most unexpectedly fun night ever, after the worst day of work ever.

The computers all crashed at work, so it was chaotic and my boss lost it and spewed curse words at me (even though I clearly did not deserve it). And I was pissed and upset all day.

But after work was our Post-holiday Holiday Party where my two bosses, and many of my co-workers got very drunk on sake being squirted into their mouths from a Japanese Hibachi chef! Most entertaining thing ever!!! By the end of the night my 50 yr old, usually very crabby and uptight, boss was dancing to the beat of a Japanese drum with a ninja-like strap tied around his head and sake spilled all down his shirt. SO FREAKING FUNNY. When I left he gave me an awkward hug and slurred an apology for yelling at me earlier.

I was supposed to meet up with Claire, but she cancelled on me (which is becoming a trend...). So Mandi invited me out with her. We went to a bowling alley bar (!?) to meet up with her boyfriend and some of the guys who I met last weekend. Strangely enough, it was the most fun I've had at a bar in a long time. And my ego is sufficiently boosted. I think I have a little crush, but ... damn men with girlfriends... hmmm.
Everyone kept telling me I seem so innocent again... seriously why do I seem that way to people??? I don't know if its a compliment, but I guess I'd rather be innocent than told I look like a trashy slut.

Anyway I'm feeling great after such a fun night!! Tomorrow - lots of homework to do. :/

Good night!

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