Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daylight Savings Time Kicked My Ass

I hate daylight savings time. Or maybe just my phone.
I stayed at Claire's last night, we went to bed early ,at midnight - and we double checked if it was "spring back" or "spring forward." (There was some confusion over this due to our mental state at the time). After realizing it was "spring forward" I set my cell phone clock back and set my alarm for 8:15 (had to be at work at 9:30). Well, all was fine and good,my alarm went off, I got ready, and I get out of the bathroom and my cell phone clock has suddenly jumped forward to 9:50. Which was actually the real time, meaning it had undone the change I had made last night somehow.
So I was almost an hour late to work, and I was the one opening the clinic. There was a therapist and client waiting outside for me... looking quite unhappy. The guy cancelled his appointment and the therapist was angry she lost that money for the day.
So I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get chewed out when I work again tomorrow. Ugh.

And there are tornado warnings out for today. The wind is blowing like crazy outside..and I've never seen clouds moving so fast. eek.

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