Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

So I'm kind of ditching out on Claire...
we were supposed to hang out this evening, walk Clementine, get some dinner, and study.

But A) its Mom's birthday and dad is out of town- so she'd be home alone, B) I will probably end up eating junk and ice cream with claire and I've already eaten too many Samoas and Thin Mints today, and C) maybe I'm still sort of bitter that she ditched me for Anastasia last Tuesday.

And if I stay home I'll be able to hang out with Mom on her bday and get some things done!

To Do List for the Evening:

-Work out

-Clean my room!
+ Organize earrings
+rearrange closet

-Study for German Oral midterm

-Write check for Mom

-Paint nails & Toes (they are currently bright yellow -which got mixed reviews- and were gray before that... maybe spring green, or bright purple next??)

-Pluck eyebrows

-Finish Vienna paperwork - housing, health insurance, summer registration, etc.

-Work on Creative Strategies photo project (which is actually pretty cool - I haven't gotten to play with photo editing so much before)

I'm going to wineries with Christina on Saturday in St. Gen! Very exciting!
A little vino sounds delicious right now. mmmm.

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