Thursday, March 12, 2009


I don't know what's harder... cutting you off or trying to be your friend.
Or which is healthier for me.

There's no point in expensive phone calls spent saying harsh things, taking digs at one another.

I found a letter buried under a bunch of crap on my desk while cleaning tonight. The words in it represent something (and someone) I wish was real, but isn't. I unfolded another paper underneath and a couple of photos fell out.

I hate that all these things can come at me, and remind me that the pain is still there. I don't even know that its you that I miss, but the possibility of an entire life and future that I could've had... that will never happen now.

Fuck, I never would've thought these things would be on my mind 7 months later.
But I've overheard my mom talking to my Uncle Mike a lot about grief counseling, and while this is obviously not nearly the same level of loss, I've learned you need to work through the emotions to move past them.

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