Friday, March 6, 2009

We Think You're a Joke. Shove Your Hope Where It Don't Shine

I love that Douglis, my architecture professor, brought us all some Schlafly beer on the last day of class!

Finally went and saw Claire after class to study some German - and I guess its all good from Tuesday when I ditched her (she was in a good mood and didn't mention it at all).

I met with Emily earlier. I always feel weird after our appointments - like guilty that I just talked about myself for an hour. But I guess that is the nature of her job. Are you supposed to get to know the counselor too?? Or are they just supposed to get to know you?

Well its 2am and I'm super awake since I just worked out at 1am... because I'm dedicated like that.... or atleast have been for the last week or so.

This is my favorite song from my current car CD and I have it in my head!

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