Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I <3 Dawn

I adore Dawn Porter.

First saw on her TLC's couple episodes of Forbidden Love. She hosts this series which is about alternate types of relationships - she has one on polygamy and one on geishas. Those are the only two that aired on TLC in the US, but she had several more in the UK on BBC. And she has done several other documentaries as well - like one about Dirty Dancing, and one about images of women in the media.

She has such a cute little Brit accent and I love her funky retro style!

I've managed to find some of her stuff on youtube -- a documentary called Dawn Goes Lesbian which is interesting. and I just watched one called SuperSlim Me about her trying to reach a size zero in 8 weeks.

And, uh, just added her on myspace! ha... I'm so creepy.

Anywho...hope to be able to dig up more of her programs, and maybe they'll air more on TLC too!

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